Generations Hospice volunteers offer support, companionship and practical, compassionate help. Some interact directly with patients and families. Others prefer to work behind the scenes in the office setting. As a volunteer, you help determine which tasks you’re best suited to perform.

To help you decide if hospice volunteering is for you, here a few of the things that you may do as a hospice care volunteer.


Patient care volunteers spend their days with hospice patients. Volunteers travel to the place where the patient currently lives. This could be the patient’s home or a long-term care facility. Volunteers do not provide any medical or hands-on care. They simply spend time with the patient, talking with them and keeping them company. Volunteers also often play the patient’s favorite games with them, like cards or chess. Volunteers may also talk with patients about current events if that’s something that the patient is interested in.


Administrative volunteers have just as important a role in a hospice organization as volunteers who work directly with patients. Administrative volunteers do a number of different tasks in the hospice organization’s office. These tasks may include:

  • Preparing mailings and leaflets
  • Answering phone calls
  • Setting up and manning booths at community outreach events
  • Helping with data entry and other clerical duties

Many hospice patients love listening to live music. If you play an instrument, consider becoming a music volunteer at Generations Hospice. As a music volunteer, you’ll bring your instrument with you when you’re visiting patients. You can play some of your favorite songs for the patient, and you can also take some requests from the patient. Patients will love getting to relax and listen to their own private concert.


Animals have many proven benefits for hospice patients. Cuddling with a pet can lower a patient’s blood pressure, reduce physical pain, and increase levels of overall comfort. If your pet is calm and good with meeting new people, consider volunteering with your pet at Generations Hospice. If you’re interested in doing this type of volunteering, Generations Hospice will typically train both you and your pet in the best ways to interact with patients.


Our Volunteer Department provides vigil to our patients in their place of residence. Our vigil program provides special volunteer support at the bedside for those who appear to have only a day or two to live. Vigil volunteers are a dedicated group of experienced volunteers who have received extra training in end-of-life care, spiritual care and bereavement.
Vigil Volunteers can support family members by providing much needed relief, listening to a life review, letting loved ones tell their story, or helping them to say goodbye for the last time.

They can often create a peaceful environment by calming lights and noise, playing soft music, reciting faith-based readings or gentle comfort touch.


Many volunteers say that volunteering in a hospice gives them a deeper appreciation for life. They say that they’re less likely to get upset about small annoyances, like traffic jams or long lines at the store. Hospice volunteers feel a deep sense of satisfaction at being able to help someone at the end of their life, and they feel like they’ve made a real, significant contribution to their community. Hospice volunteers also get to make deep connections with patients and their families.

Become a Hospice Volunteer

Hospice volunteers are truly compassionate people. They generously give their time to patients who are at the ends of their lives. They also help hospice organizations run smoothly by completing administrative tasks. Hospice volunteers play many different roles, and they are an important part of every hospice organization.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer for Generations Hospice Care, contact us through our online form. We’ll then discuss the role you’re interested in taking on, and we’ll give you an overview on the training that you will need.

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